Ep7: Radiology’s AI Revolution and the Future of Digital Medicine, with Sofinnova Partners and deepc
Emerging Medtech Today with Henry PeckSeptember 06, 2023x
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Ep7: Radiology’s AI Revolution and the Future of Digital Medicine, with Sofinnova Partners and deepc

Ever wondered how AI is transforming the landscape of radiology and patient care? In this engaging discussion, Henry Peck brings together two industry experts, Simon Turner, one of the partners at Sofinnova Partners, and Dr. Franz Pfister, CEO of deepc, to dive into the exciting world of digital medicine and the future of healthcare technology.

Sofinnova Partners, with a 50-year legacy in life science investing, has recently launched its innovative digital medicine strategy. Simon explains their unique approach to digital medicine, emphasizing clinical efficacy and patient outcomes as critical factors in their investment strategy.

Franz shares his insights into the development of an AI operating system designed to support radiologists. As a medical doctor with a background in technology, Franz highlights the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare AI landscape, focusing on the need for rigorous scientific principles, collaboration, and AI safety.

Join Henry, Simon, and Franz as they explore the evolving landscape of digital medicine, the impact of AI in radiology, and the importance of setting new standards in this dynamic field. 

Topics include:

  • Sofinnova's role as a life science investor and their new digital medicine strategy
  • What differentiates digital medicine from digital health and health tech
  • The transformative potential of AI in the field of radiology and beyond
  • The unique challenges and safety considerations in healthcare AI
  • deepc AI's role in accelerating the adoption of new AI technologies in healthcare

And more!

Key moments:

  • 00:28 - Simon introduces himself and provides an overview of Sofinnova Partners and their new digital medicine strategy.
  • 01:40 - Franz explains deepc's focus on infrastructure and platform development in the healthcare AI space, particularly in radiology.
  • 11:29 - Simon elaborates on why Sofinnova launched a digital medicine strategy separate from existing strategies.
  • 25:00 - Franz discusses the value of ROI (Return on Investment) for customers through AI solutions.
  • 32:09 - Simon previews the LSI Europe 23 panel on AI-enabled medical devices.

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