Ep6: Incubating Medtech Companies and Improving Stroke Outcomes, with Trendlines Investments and Ceretrieve
Emerging Medtech Today with Henry PeckAugust 30, 2023x
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Ep6: Incubating Medtech Companies and Improving Stroke Outcomes, with Trendlines Investments and Ceretrieve

Curious about the journey from idea to life-saving medical device? Tune in to hear Henry Peck speak with Barak Singer, CEO of Trendlines Investments, and Maysa Mustafa, CEO of Ceretrieve, about their partnership and ongoing journey to revolutionize ischemic stroke treatment.

The discussion delves into the dynamic landscape of medical device innovation, with a particular focus on Trendlines' funding strategy and its transformative partnership with Ceretrieve. Barak outlines Trendlines' investment philosophy, which entails identifying unmet needs, supporting early-stage companies, and nurturing them from ideation to expansion. Maysa narrates her journey from academia to entrepreneurship, unveiling the remarkable story of Ceretrieve's development. 

The conversation sheds light on Ceretrieve's groundbreaking aspiration catheter technology, as well as the invaluable role of the Israeli Medtech ecosystem, renowned for its innovation, collaboration, and rapid progress. 

Topics include:

  • Trendline's funding strategy and partnership with Ceretrieve
  • The human impact of ischemic strokes, and Ceretrieve's role in improving outcomes
  • Trendlines' lifecycle funding strategy, focusing on early stage investments and supporting companies from ideation to expansion
  • The Israeli Medtech ecosystem's strength and innovation
  • Barak and Maysa’s upcoming participation at the LSI Europe ‘23 conference in September, where they will discuss these topics in greater detail

And more!

Key moments:

  • 00:28 - Barak introduces Trendlines Investments, its focus on medical device investments, and its support for portfolio companies.
  • 01:48 - Maysa Mustafa introduces herself, her background, and her journey to founding Ceretrieve.
  • 07:00 - Barak discusses Trendlines' involvement with Ceretrieve's creation and its ongoing support as a partner.
  • 12:42 - Maysa shares her experience partnering with Trendlines, mentioning the psychological safety net and support they provide.
  • 15:15 - Barak and Maysa discuss the Israeli Medtech ecosystem's strengths, including innovation, academia, and a culture of risk-taking.

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