Ep5: Early-Commercial Investing and Revolutionizing Wound Care, with TVM Capital and Kent Imaging
Emerging Medtech Today with Henry PeckAugust 23, 2023x
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Ep5: Early-Commercial Investing and Revolutionizing Wound Care, with TVM Capital and Kent Imaging

How can investors bridge the gap between early commercialization and growth equity investment? Find out in this episode where Henry is joined by TVM Capital Life Science’s Managing Partner, Luc Marengere, and General Partner, Sascha Berger, as well as Pierre Lemire, the CEO of Kent Imaging. 

A venture fund with a strategic focus on the medtech industry, Luc and Sascha provide insights into TVM Capital's investment strategy and philosophy, which centers on identifying and supporting companies with transformative products in the later stages of development. Pierre shares the story of Kent Imaging, a company in TVM Capital's portfolio, highlighting their groundbreaking technology poised to revolutionize wound care and vascular disease diagnosis. 

Throughout the episode, the conversation emphasizes TVM Capital's commitment to building partnerships and investing in truly transformative solutions that can make a significant impact on patient care and outcomes.

Topics include:

  • TVM Capital’s investment philosophy, aiming to scale commercialization efforts and position companies for potential exits
  • TVM Capital’s approach to selecting companies with a focus on risk assessment and mitigation
  • Examples portfolio companies with transformative products, including Egg Medical, Access Vascular, and Kent Imaging
  • The inception story of Kent Imaging and how it is revolutionizing the wound care space with near-infrared light
  • The value of partnership-driven approaches in building successful medtech companies
  • Sascha, Luc, and Pierre’s upcoming participation at the LSI Europe ‘23 conference in September, where they will discuss these topics in greater detail

And more!

Key moments:

  • 01:00 - Sascha and Luc introduce themselves and the core aspects of TVM Capital's investment strategy.
  • 12:00 - Pierre introduces himself and Kent Imaging's technology using near-infrared light for imaging oxygenation levels in tissues.
  • 19:00 - Luc discusses TVM Capital's investment process, including due diligence, risk assessment, and partnership evaluation.
  • 24:49 - Pierre explains how Kent Imaging quantifies and articulates the economic benefits of their technology.
  • 30:21 - Sascha highlights some challenges in the early commercial stage, including customer interactions, refining product portfolios, and attracting exit partners.

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