Ep4: Demonstrating ROI to LPs and the Convergence of Medtech, Biotech, and Digital, with Asabys Partners
Emerging Medtech Today with Henry PeckAugust 16, 2023x
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Ep4: Demonstrating ROI to LPs and the Convergence of Medtech, Biotech, and Digital, with Asabys Partners

In this episode, Henry Peck speaks with Clara Campàs and Josep Sanfeliu, the founders and managing partners of Asabys Partners, a venture capital firm active in the health tech and biopharma industries with an aim to invest in highly innovative and transformative technologies.

Clara and Josep share their insights into building a thriving ecosystem that combines health tech, biotech, and medtech startups. From discussing their unique hybrid approach to investment to the strength of the Barcelona ecosystem, Clara and Josep explore how Asabys is contributing to the growth and global impact of healthcare innovation.

Topics include:

  • Clara and Josep’s journey founding Asabys Partners in 2018, with a vision of combining health tech and biotech to revolutionize healthcare investment
  • Their recent success raising a $100 million fund 
  • Building a portfolio across a diverse range of technologies, clinical indications, and company stages
  • The importance of demonstrating ROI beyond the traditional metrics
  • Insights on the evolving IPO landscape, and how it has been affected by market trends and the pandemic
  • Clara and Josep’s actionable advice for entrepreneurs and investors navigating these dynamic industries
  • How Barcelona's unique healthcare innovation ecosystem is rapidly evolving
  • Clara and Josep’s upcoming participation at the LSI Europe ‘23 conference in September, where they will discuss these topics in greater detail

And more!

Key moments

  • 02:00 - Clara and Josep provide an overview of Asabys Partners, their investment focus, and the areas they specialize in
  • 07:55 - How Asabys demonstrates ROI beyond some of the traditional metrics.
  • 13:20 - The convergence of digital technologies with traditional biotech and medtech.
  • 19:21 - The exit landscape for digitally enabled medtech companies.
  • 28:20 - The evolution of the IPO market, the impact of COVID-19 on valuations, and the need for sustainable business strategies. 
  • 32:00 - The evolution and strengths of the healthcare ecosystem in Barcelona.

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