Ep2: Impact Investing and Serving Vulnerable Communities, with Ship2B Ventures
Emerging Medtech Today with Henry PeckAugust 02, 2023x
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Ep2: Impact Investing and Serving Vulnerable Communities, with Ship2B Ventures

Can investing change lives and shape a better future? Join us in this thought-provoking episode as Henry Peck engages in an enlightening conversation with Jordi Ferrer, an economist and investment director at Ship2B Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in impact startups focused on healthcare, climate-related projects, and education.

Throughout the episode, Jordi shares valuable insights into impact investing in the healthcare sector, emphasizing the importance of aligning financial returns with measurable social impact to drive positive change in vulnerable communities.

Topics include:

  • Ship2B Ventures’ focus on vulnerable communities, targeting investments for the elderly, those with chronic diseases, and people with physical or cognitive impairments
  • The difference between impact funds and traditional venture capital or private equity in the healthcare sector
  • The importance of intentionality, additionality, and measurement in impact investing
  • Methodologies for identifying and measuring social impact goals
  • The challenges of reconciling financial and impact objectives
  • Examples of companies within Ship2B Ventures’ portfolio that prioritize specific conditions to maximize impact
  • Jordi’s upcoming participation at the LSI Europe ‘23 conference in September, where he will discuss these topics in greater detail

And more!

Key moments:

  • 00:28 - Jordi introduces himself, his background in the healthcare sector and Ship2Be Ventures.
  • 03:34 - What impact investing is, and how it differentiates from traditional venture capital.
  • 07:56 - The challenges of measuring impact results and how Ship2Be Ventures aligns financial and impact objectives.
  • 16:46 - Why more funds may not be using the impact investing approach, and the growing trend of impact investing.
  • 25:57 - The holistic approach Ship2Be Ventures takes by addressing various aspects of healthcare beyond just treating diseases.
  • 30:00 - Jordi's excitement about LSI Europe 23 in Barcelona.

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